New website.

So, finally I’ve got my website back up and up to date.

It’s been a busy few months. I’m working on the London 2012 paralympic ceremonies (although I can’t say exactly what I’m doing as it’s super top secret!) and have been training for the para climbing world championships.

I recently became British para climbing champion and therefore qualified for the worlds and there is now a little over a month before the world championships which are being held in Bercy, Paris from the 12-16th September as part of the able bodied worlds. This integrated approach is great and makes the sport inclusive rather than divided. It also cements the status of para climbers as full time world class athletes alongside our able bodied counterparts. The exact schedule for Bercy is not clear yet however I know I have medical classification on the 11th so will be travelling out to Paris on the 10th.

Training has been going well and has been greatly assisted by my sponsors The Arch who have two excellent bouldering walls in London. I very much appreciate the training support they have offered me as well as the assistance in attending competitions. I have been working with Jimmie Gustin (again thanks to the Arch) and now have a full time training program that has been showing excellent results including my wins in the British para climbing series, where I flashed every route and boulder problem.

As the summer progresses my training is completely focused on the world championships which means I find myself currently in a two week power/strength phase. Lots of time on the steep training board working on powerful moves and some roof training alongside the usual fingerboarding seems to be the flavour of the month.

I’m hoping to get some more outdoor climbing in after the worlds including trips to font, Cornwall/Dartmoor and possibly a Yorkshire trip so watch this space for more outside news and updates. My project at Bonehill also still needs finishing!

More updates to follow about my training and work as the summer progresses.