Other News

In other news:

I was recently featured in the telegraph, see the online article here: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/9949854/Meet-Fran-Brown-the-real-spider-woman.html

I’m also super psyched to announce that I am now part of the Five Ten Uk team for 2013, you can check out my page on the Big Stone site here: http://www.bigstone.co.uk/climbing-team/fran-brown/

I’m also proud to be part of the climb blox team. Their clothing is ace and they are super supportive. Check out my page on their website here: http://www.climblox.com/fran-brown/

I’d also like to thank The Arch Climbing Wall who have agreed to support me again this year. Without their support I couldn’t train full time or attend the comps.  Thanks guys! www.archclimbingwall.com

I would additionally like to mention Climbers Against Cancer, set up by the amazing and inspiring John Ellison. Check out Johns Story on their website and buy one of the colourful T-shirts to show your support here: http://www.climbersagainstcancer.org





Well It’s been an interesting couple of months.

Back at the end of February, just as training was going great, I took a fall off the circuit board leading to some broken ribs and a two week stay in hospital. Not quite how I’d planned my training!

Those two weeks pretty much on bed rest meant I was really out of shape!

The ribs have healed and I’ve been back climbing for a few weeks now and am back to full time training. I’ve been working hard on my cardio fitness as well, getting back what I lost when I was in the hospital. I have a few comps coming up the first of which being a para boulder comp in Vail Colorado which I’m super excited about. Then there are a couple of possible lead comps in June and July and rockmasters in Arco in late summer. I’m planning some outdoor trips too although logistically these are quite hard due to my disability. I plan on filming some video blogs for this site soon, mostly they will just be updates but I hope to make one on my training at the Arch so people have some idea what I’m up to day to day.

More updates soon.

Take care!