Stuck in transit….

I am currently stuck in Frankfurt airport (and rather bored) courtesy of the incompetence of Lufthansa. Ok so my flight out of London was a little delayed but that shouldn’t have meant I didn’t make my connection here. The problem was that when we landed no one came to help me off the plane. I asked and even offered to crawl off but was told that is unacceptable. As it turns out that wouldn’t of helped anyway as the wheelchair accessible bus from the stand wasn’t there.

Ok so I was a little annoyed but kept my cool assuming renowned German efficiency would be demonstrated, all would be well, and Lufthansa would book me directly onto the later flight this afternoon. Even a quick phone call to the transfer company changed my booking for the bus no problem. But no, lo and behold Lufthansa have given me a standby ticket for the later flight, stuck me in a cripples (sorry disabled) waiting area, because clearly they think I might get lost or run away or something if I am let out into the big wide world of the transfer terminal and possibly disabled people aren’t to be seen roaming around like everyone else, and told me they might tell me at three if I have a seat on the later flight. Just great err NOT.

Number one, I really need to eat and can’t get any food in this area, number two, waiting until three to find out if I have a seat on the flight means I miss the opportunity to get a flight with another carrier or take the train. I think if I don’t make this flight I will have to go home and miss the comp as I won’t be able to get to Imst before one am and can’t get into my rented accommodation then. And the Lufthansa lady had the nerve to ask me why I looked stressed!

Needless to say I can only wait until three. Undoubtedly millions of people have been in this situation before so I should just chill and wait. It’s not the waiting that bothers me, I’m quite adept at sitting around, it’s the fact that I am stuck in one place with no option to do what my able bodied counterparts could do in such a scenario – shop, eat, drink etc. It really bugs me when as an individual with a disability I get shoved in a separate area without a choice and basically told what to do. I am not a piece of meat on wheels and would like to actually be treated as a human being if that’s ok with Lufthansa.

Oh well I guess I should stop rambling and get on with, what was it?, ahh yes, waiting.

Update: Lufthansa just gave me a seat on the next flight so I might make Imst after all. Maybe tweeting this blog might just have had a positive effect..